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President Message

        Dear BBS members,

        With the summer holidays coming to an end and the advent of the “Back to School” season, I would like to extend our good wishes
        to all of you, as well as to all the honorable readers.

        I am pleased to inform you that the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society has continued its effective contributions at the international
        level by participating in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2023, which was held from 16-20 January 2023 in Davos,
        Switzerland. The event was attended by decision-makers from around the world.

        After the BBS Board was elected by acclamation for the term (2023-2025), the society continued to fulfill its mission and implement
        its promised work programs to the members of the General Assembly. This was done in order to further develop the work of the
        society and revitalize its contributions to the service of its members. The society also participated in the Global Forum for Women
        Entrepreneurs 2023 in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Gulf Businesswomen Forum in Jeddah. These events included many
        distinguished activities and important meetings with leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, a delegation from the
        society discussed mutual investment opportunities in the Sultanate of Oman and met with many leaders and officials in Oman.
        Another delegation from the society participated in the activities of the Annual Investment Forum, which included its twelfth
        session, "Entrepreneur Investment Summit 2023" on May 8 and 9, 2023, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, under the auspices
        of the league of Arab states, Providing investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and facilitating the exchange of ideas and
        experiences among participants are crucial for achieving investment goals and fostering professional relationships. To support
        these objectives, an interactive and engaging environment was created.

        Bahrain  Businesswomen’s  Society  held  discussions  with  the  authorities  and  institutions  concerned  with  the  economy  and
        investment in brotherly countries to Bahrain to explore ways of enhancing economic and commercial cooperation. In addition,
        the society collaborated with SayG to develop the "Raedat" BBS e-Platform, which enables members to market their products and
        services on a large scale locally, regionally, and globally through multiple online stores.

        The society hosted its yearly Ramadan Ghabga, which saw a large turnout from its members, as well as notable dignitaries and
        officials such as ambassadors, diplomats, and businessmen from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

        BBS also organized the first art exhibition for its members under the title “Entilaq” which includes the works of 13 female BBS
        members, and achieved outstanding success. And broad participation from all sectors of society and art lovers in the Kingdom.
        MOU was also signed between the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society and “Hope Talents” which is an arm of the Hope Fund that
        was established by decree of His Majesty the King. The memorandum aims to cooperate between the two sides in organizing
        events and workshops to achieve common goals. Which includes supporting youth projects and initiatives and developing youth
        innovations in Bahrain, with the aim of improving youth income and serving society.

         My esteemed BBS colleagues,

        As we proceed towards the last quarter of 2023, we take pride in our kingdom and remain confident and optimistic in our efforts
        to contribute to realizing its vision. We hope that the newly appointed cabinet will continue to implement the plan for economic
        recovery at a faster and stronger pace. We are already witnessing several decisions that have had a positive impact on the Bahraini
        economy, including various projects supporting women and female entrepreneurs. These developments stimulate optimism and
        promote further growth and development.

        In conclusion, I can confidently say that our society is committed to serving its members with dedication and efficiency. We have
        several  events  and  activities  planned  for  the  last  quarter  of  2023,  which  is  typically  a  period  of  active  local  and  regional
        engagements. We remain steadfast in our wishes for the continued development and success of the Bahrain Businesswomen's
        Society and for the prosperity, security, and safety of our beloved Bahrain.

                                                                  Ahlam Janahi - BBS President

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