Frequently Asked Questions

The society organizes a monthly workshop, in addition to six yearly events.

Members are encouraged to participate in one of the society’s committees.

The applicant should be at least eighteen years old.

Yes, the society can help in promoting the businesses of its members.

The members meet on a monthly basis.

Ms. Ahlam Janahi is the president of the society until May 2016.

The membership to the society is also open to non Bahrainis provided they own a CR.

The registration fees are BHD 60, payable once, and an annual fee of BHD 120.

Membership to the society is only open to those with a CR.

Applicants must present a CPR as well as a Commercial Registration, valid for six months at least.

Members can benefit from the facilities given to the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society from the private sector, the government, Bahraini chambers and the federation of the GCC chambers.