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Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society Report May 2018- May 2020

         Vision, Mission and Core Values

         Since its establishment in 2000, the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society played an important role in empowering
         women and to focus on the distinguished Bahraini businesswomen on their contribution to the economic


         Bahrain Businesswomen Society is to be a globally sustainable, innovative and recognized network
         organization affecting positive change in the society and contributing to the entire economy of Bahrain.


         Bahrain Businesswomen Society is a motivated and determined group of business women in Bahrain whose
         goal is to pull a good network, to represent their members for constantly developed business and to promote,
         empower and support entrepreneurs with knowledge and best practices for a better position in the world of

         Core Values:

         Empowerment: We are keen to provide our members with a professional support enabling them to increase
         their influence, to use their resources efficiently and to succeed

         Connectivity: We are seeking to foster the interrelations between our members in order to create opportunities
         for knowledge sharing and business opportunities.

         Solidarity: We are ALL tied in ONE society: society of women, society of business.

         Dedication: We are giving a lot of time and energy to our society because we are motivated by its success.

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