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Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society Report May 2018- May 2020

        The society By-laws and committees:

        1. President: Is the legal representative of the society before third parties; she presides over the meetings of
        the Board of Directors and the General Assembly; she co-signs the minutes of the meetings with the secretary;
        also she co-signs payment orders, contracts and agreements and financial documents with the treasurer; the
        President signs decisions of dismissal of members and supervises all activities of the society and settles urgent
        issues and affairs that can’t be postponed, provided that they have been referred to the Board of Directors at
        its first meeting.
        Headed by Ahlam Yousif Janahi

        2. Vice-President 1&2: Assumes the authority of the President, in the absence of the latter; the Board of
        Directors  can  confer  financial  and  administrative  authorities  or  permanent  technical  authority  to  the  Vice-
        Headed by Khulood Rashid Al Qattan, 1st Vice President and Vicky Saad Mouawad, 2nd Vice President

        3. Secretary: Prepares the agenda of the meetings of the Directors and the General Assembly and records
        their minutes and co-signs them with the President; she supervises all clerical tasks and correspondence, files,
        registers, books, papers and contracts.
        Headed by Jameela Zouhair Hammouda and Vice Manal Ahmed Sidiqi

        4.Treasurer: Manages the funds of the Society organizes its accounts, the Society’s incomes and disbursements;
        deposits money with one of the accredited banks; makes authorized disbursements through authorized pay
        orders co-signed by the Treasurer and the President. Controls collection of contributions and registration of
        the same in books and records; files financial documents that financially encumber the Society; files a monthly
        report before the Board of Directors concerning the financial situation of income and expenditures; keeps
        a petty-cash amount for miscellaneous purposes, as authorized and fixed in the financial regulations of the
        Headed by Fatema Abdul Khaliq Dilawer and Vice Huda Mohamed Janahi

        5. Social Committee: The social committee is the dynamo of the society. Its’ mission is to articulate the value
        and objectives of the society. It plans social events, business field trip activities, themed events, exhibitions,
        follow up on BBS delegation on international conferences, and other appealing events allowing members to
        enjoy and interact together. By interacting, it builds loyalty amongst members and encourages new comers to
        join expending its membership horizon.
        Headed by Vicky Saad Mouawad

        6. Entrepreneurship Committee: The Entrepreneurship committee will serve all entrepreneurs from various
        parties; communicate with relevant officials and dialogue with them regarding common issues. It organizes
        Workshops and participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences.
        Headed by Huda Mohamed Janahi

        7. Economic Committee:  To organize sessions to promote valuable discussions and research on
        businesswomen initiatives and economic issues, and raise awareness of issues of particular concern to women
        in the economics business profession. In pursuing these aims, the committee would organize regular sessions
        with members of the local government, parliament, NGOs, and diplomats.
        Headed by Nawal Yousuf Al Sabbagh

        8. Media& Public Relations Committee: Media and Public Relations Committee is the hub of BBS. It is solely
        responsible for all the external communications. It aims to position and popularize the brand

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