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Khulood Alqattan launches her book on Behavioral Economics

              BBS Board Member Khulood Alqattan affirmed that the time
              has come to establish a behavioral vision unit in the Kingdom
              of Bahrain that serves the aspirations and goals of the Kingdom
              of Bahrain’s Economic Vision. She saw that the Kingdom of
              Bahrain is one of the most prominent countries that possesses
              all the ingredients to establish this unit, by benefiting from the
              experiences of other countries, and adapting it in accordance
              with Bahrain’s culture and society.

              This  is  highligted  in  Ms.  Alqattan’s book  under  the  title
              Behavioral Economics Between Knowledge and Application.
              She indicated that she divided her book into 2 parts; a theoretical
              part, which is concerned with defining the science of behavioral
              economics and its relationship with other sciences such
              as psychology, and the second part presents the experiences of countries that have established
              units of behavioral insights, the most important of which is the experience of the United Kingdom.
              She pointed out that behavioral economics targets all segments of society, including individuals,
              institutions and states, as it is concerned with studying behaviors and knowing how to direct them
              in the interest of achieving the desired societal goals.  Her publication has highlighted that Arab
              countries have timid attempts with regard to the application of Behavioral Economics, which has
              motivated her to further investigate and write this book.

              Covid-19 Impact: Bahrain Initiatives :

              New book offers insight into coronavirus impact.

              BBS Head of Advisory Committee, the Chief Executive Officer of
              DMartin Consultancy and co-editor of Bentrepreneur Magazine
              Ms. Doris Martin has recently released a book focused on the
                                                                                           نترام سيرود :ةباتك
                                                                                           By Doris Martin
              coronavirus (Covid-19) and how it has impacted the kingdom.

              Covid-19 Impact: Bahrain Initiatives aims to highlight the effect
              the pandemic  has had on the health of people,  Bahrain’s
              economy and society. Her message to people struggling during
              Covid-19 is to appreciate everything you have in life.

              This is Ms. Martin’s second book, after Building Global Citizens
              – Celebrating 14 years of Bahrain Universities Model United

              Covid-19 Impact: Bahrain Initiatives is available at National
              Bookshop on Exhibition Avenue and on Kindle Amazon.

                                                                                      Celebrating 14 years of Bahrain Universities
                                                                                       Model United Nations Achievements
                                                                                      Celebrating 14 years of Bahrain Universities  By Doris Martin
                                                                                       Model United Nations Achievements
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