Page 7 - BBS News September 2020
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Mrs. Sameera’s major challenge and concern was ensuring that her students, who experience NIS education, would
        fulfill the vision of growing into lifelong learners and global citizens. “Transitions, growth and change are not easy,
        but is achievable with the courage, focus and strength to face the challenges and with the wisdom of pursuing a
        higher level; this being a reflection of the school’s vision and aims for success. I feel fulfilled every time I see my
        students successfully following their chosen careers and occupying top level positions in the Ministries, embassies,
        banks, hospitals and prestigious industries,” are some of the reflective words from Mrs. Sameera Al Kooheji.

        Proudly, today, Naseem International School is one of the unique IB schools in the whole world to be offering all 4 IB
        Programmes. NIS is 1 out of 20 schools in Africa, Europe and the Middle East Region  and we are the only authorized
        school in Bahrain to offer the PYP, MYP, DP and CP; making NIS a very unique school out of the present 5,283 IB
        schools around the world.

        NIS ensures that the highest quality standard of education is provided to its students and with the parents’ support
        in doing so, together they directly contribute in shaping their students’ future. This in itself is reflective of the NIS
        approach to education and its a on the Naseem International School motto of “Students First”.

        It is the NIS mission and commitment towards their learners, to educate the whole person and aim to provide a
        balanced education, which enables its learners to fulfill their potential in all areas of growth - intellectually, emotionally,
        spiritually and socially – and  to empower them to become the people they can and want to be.
        Naseem International School’s vision inspires lifelong learners and global citizens.

        As an entrepreneur in the Education sector, Mrs. Sameera’s motto in life is, “In this world, you have to be strong
        enough to face challenges”. She believed that with faith in ALLAH and trust within yourself, you will be able to
        achieve your goals. In any business, big or small, you need to face your challenges and conquer your fears. Soaring
        high and having a thorough plan are some of the secrets to be able to succeed. A 5- year Strategic Plan should be in
        place. There are obstacles and difficulties on your journey to success, but you have to deal with them in a positive
        way. There might be some people who drag you down, but you have to be strong and believe steadfastly that you can
        do it. Be with the people who are there to support you to achieve your aims.

        Another piece of advice from Mrs Sameera is to be PATIENT and have PASSION. Have patience and be passionate
        about your business. Investing in a business takes time, it takes five years or more to be able to establish and make
        your business stable. The 5-year Strategic Plan is a step by step ladder to success, not a race to compete. Also, do
        not take money from your business for personal use instead invest more to grow your business. When you fall, you
        stand up and take it as a challenge, because that makes you a better and stronger person.

        “Lastly, do not forget to thank ALLAH for everything you are achieving. Thank also the people who helped you get
        to where you are today.” Those are the words of advice from Mrs. Sameera Al Kooheji, the President/ Executive
        Director of Naseem International School; a great motivator, leader and inspiring role model in the field of Education.
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